The basis that we'll start upon is a farm up in the North of Sweden, a place many would call middle of nowhere, the closest neighbour is 1.5 kilometres away by an unpaved road that rarely see any visitors. We have a small two story building which will function as the headquarters for the project and that will also house the first settlers. We also have an old house from 1890 that will need some refurbishing to be able to actually live in, but it's bone is stable as steel! Other than that, we have a big barn where we'll probably set up the workshop, and a small barn in slightly worse shape which doesn't have a decided purpose yet.

We will utilize Open Source Ecologys project Global Village Construction Set, which contain open source blueprints for the 50 most needed machines to build a society from scratch. That project has merely started, but we will keep on developing it, and also see to that as many machines and functions as possible can be automated, to free as much time as possible for individuals to do what they want to do, and not have to focus on merely surviving.

We will build our own solar, wind and water plants to be able to live outside the state grid, without sacrificing too much of our everyday electricity needs.

We will build machines that can press regular dirt to the equivalent of cinder blocks.

We will build machines that can melt metal, press it, and then cut it to any desired form to build any machine that we can think of.

We will grow all kinds of vegetables, outside, in green houses and even underground ditos with artificial light and warmth is in the planning stage. The plan is to grow all the food that we'll need. And because of the very uneconomical and unethical situation with breeding animals for food, that won't happen in Kopimia. Sorry, if you want to breed to kill to eat, you'll have to search for another solution for you.

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