Welcome to the Kopimia Wiki!Edit

Kopimia is a project where we will build a foundation for a automated self sustaining open source society.

This wiki is for information, check out for discussions and for updates.

This project is a constant work in progress.

In the woods up in Norrland, a place many people would call the middle of nowhere, the future will take shape, this wiki is where you can start to contribute!

The estate is situated 21 km north west from the locality Jörn, Skellefteå municipality. Here, at the moment you can find Jocke, Oskar, Alice, Prokrastinix and nine dogs. We welcome anyone who shares our vision of a better world free from injustice, suffering, haves and boredom. Full of abundance of love, information, culture, knowledge, happiness, time and the power of will.

To get started, read the vision, how and the organization.

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