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A community built upon the fundamentals of sharing and the belief that diversity is a good thing to the point when it interferes with others freedom.

To build an open automated self sustaining society based on open source technology and solutions.

A goal is to automate everything from cleaning, cooking, building of houses, gathering of energy, cultivation and harvest, to whatever can be planned ahead.

To be able to accomplish this in an ethical, sustainable, fair and effective way, we want to only make use of open source technology, when ever applicable.

The final frontier is a World where no one has to to anything which they don't want to do, so they'll be free to evolve as persons in any way they see fit.

Culture in every form is an important part of a healthy life for most people, and thus all kinds of cultural exercise are encouraged.

Acceptance of other peoples choices, opinions and pleasures are important components when being part in this project.

Coercion, in every type and shape, is a bad thing. Here, no one will be forced to do anything as long as what they are doing don't intrude in someone else's freedom or the cause of the project.*

  • =Example, a music festival with subsequent party all night will interfere with some peoples ability to sleep, but it is in the interest of the project to have such happenings and people who become annoyed by it should take precautions like insulation of their sleeping spaces and ears.

Violence is never the solution! Physical, psychological and verbal abuse towards anyone who hasn't specifically asked for it is strictly discouraged.

Punishment and revenge is compulsion and should therefore be avoided at all costs.

Limited Death Clause
We like death in theory, not in practice, which is why killing or consumption of corpses is limited to rodents, fish and insects.